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TEXTUS PROSAMS has everything you need to run your business successfully.

Our software is web-based, making it accessible anywhere and contains modules for every aspect of your retail establishment to centralize your day-to-day operations in one, real time system. Our industry-leading automation saves you countless bookkeeping hours and puts all your data in accounting – where it belongs.



Login Screen

A secure login screen for staff members and admins.

Various Reports with Informative Graphs

View Pending Orders, Daily Sales, Dealer information, Received & Returned Payments, Summary and much more.

Receive Client Payments

Receive cash, cheque and credit payments from your clients.

Return Client Payments

Return cash, outdated cheques back to the client incase a problem arises.

Manage Received Payments

View, Cancel and transfer (to the bank or to another client) the payments you’ve received.

Manage Products

View, Add, Edit or Delete products, stock details, warehouse details according to your inventory.

Manage Categories & Sub Categories

View, Add, Edit and Delete Categories or their subcategories.

Manage Brands

View, Add, Edit and Delete Brands.

Manage Suppliers

View, Add, Edit and Delete Suppliers and manage their credit amount.

Manage Dealers

View, Add, Edit and Delete Suppliers and manage their credit amount by assigning them a credit limit. You are also able to view their current credit amount.

Manage Banks

View, Add, Edit and Delete Banks with the feature to add the opening balance of the bank.

Manage Users

View, Add, Edit and Delete User and also assign permissions module wise to that particular user.

Purchase from Suppliers

A fully integrated purchase form that allows to you pay via cash, credit or cheque payments.

Return Products

Accept products that were returned by the customers whether it be a client or a regular customer.

Make Payments

Make payments to Suppliers or any other expenses. Pay suppliers via cash, cheque or third party cheques (received cheques from clients).

Set Startup Capital

An easy form to get you started when you use the system for the first time. You are able to enter your capital amount, amount in banks and all the cheques in hand.

Cash Drawer

A cash drawer to maintain the cash available in the drawer. It will also provide you with a calculation of the closing balance and record mismatches if there were any.

Remote or Local Database Support

Local database is enabled by default but cloud database integration is available.

POS Printer Support

Supports all POS printers from all manufactures.

Barcode Reader Support

Search and add products using a bar-code scanner.

Printable Reports

Selected reports can be printed.