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Facebook App Development

Use Facebook App  as a means to engage with your fans and earn their loyalty. Talk to our specialist and create the best Facebook application, customized according to your needs.

We are a boutique software/web development company staffed only by senior professionals.
We help startups and organisations to successfully develop and launch digital products and web-based software applications.

One of the most popular social networking websites, Facebook has attracted many developers to build apps for the same. Facebook has its own set of APIs that are used by developers to create interesting apps for Facebook users.

Facebook App Development

We have developed some interesting Facebook Applications, which not only have brought in more business for our clients but also increased their brand value.

Our technical expertise with a blend of creativity and innovation will make sure you have a lot of fun with our fun and engaging apps.

Social Plugins and Open Graph

Facebook Open APIs allow your website to seamlessly interact with Facebook by using its social connections. Some of the Social Plugins and Open Graph services that we provide will appear in the following ways:

  • Like an element of your site and page: This will appear as an icon on your website page. People will be able to respond to your web page, article or any other item by using this element of your page. This acts as an indicator of relevance and association with your site. It becomes even more attractive when it shows the number of the viewer’s friends who also like the item thereby giving the item instant recommendation from a familiar name.
  • Make comments on elements on your site using Facebook ID: Save yourself the hassle of programming the comment boxes and rather use Facebook comment plug-in available for it. This allows over 500 users to comment on your page without logging in separately. This attracts authentic users, with real pictures, to your website.
  • Get information from your official Facebook page: This is a great way to link your webpage to your Facebook fan page, which will help you get the Facebook updates on your site. Also, this will lead to the increase in your fan following who will be directed to your webpage and vice-versa. One will also be able to become your fan without having to visit your Facebook fan page separately.
  • Post things directly from your website: This enables you to post content on your fan page from your website. So you don’t have to update your fan page separately as real-time updates from your site keeps your fan page happening.
  • Make your blog posts automatically appear on your fan page wall: Facebook social plug-in enables excerpts from your blog posts to appear on your Facebook Fan Page. Not only the blog but whatever comments are posted on it, will also appear on your Facebook Fan Page.

Fan Page Development

We develop Facebook Fan Page for your business to get you more fan following. It is a great way to keep your users updated on the latest stuff happening with your product and keep them engaged. Some of the fan Page features that we provide are as follows:

  • Quizzes and Surveys: Collect quizzes, create and manage the quizzes and invite your fans to participate.
  • RSS: We integrate RSS Feed to your brand page or fan page and help you spread the word to your readers.
  • Twitter: We integrate Twitter with your Facebook account, which enables automatic updates on the Fan Page from Twitter.
  • Coupon/Promotions: Free or discount coupons never fail to attract fans. Give them offers and they will keep coming back to your page.
  • Poll: Polls keep users engaged and involved in varied activities. We enable fun polls on your Facebook fan page to help you attract more users.
  • YouTube Channel: We integrate YouTube with your Fan Page which helps you to share videos and video content with other users.
  • Photo Gallery: Engage your users with photo gallery integrated with your Fan Page. This helps your users to share and display images.

Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect API allows users to “connect” their Facebook identity, friends, and privacy data to any website. We integrate Facebook Connect with your site. This can be done at any of the pages on your website and allow users to access their Facebook account in a trusted environment.

You can also share deeper and richer content including images, flash animations, embedded links and user generated content by using our Facebook API live streaming services. This enables the users to directly interact with your site thus adding to the traffic.

Facebook Viral Consultancy

Facebook has lot of potential in terms of marketing and popularizing your product. We suggest you ways to make maximum use of this platform. One of it is viral consultancy, which is all about creating viral campaigns and applications, which enable users to share information and stuff. This is done the following ways:

  • Post to Wall
  • Add to Profile
  • Publish as Feed
  • Share Application
  • Invite Friends
  • Send Message to a friend
  • Challenge a friend
  • Chat Invitations
  • Email to Friends
  • Status Updates
  • Notes
  • Photos

Facebook Stream Integration

We integrate Facebook Stream to your web application by using Facebook Stream API. This allows third party elements like websites and web applications to stream feeds from friend’s/user’s accounts. Some of the elements that can be streamed are as follows:

  • Profile Info
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Friends’ picture updates
  • Status updates
  • Friends’ comments
  • Friends’ activities
  • Shared media including video, pictures etc
  • Origination page for feed content
  • Date and time information of feed item
  • Publisher of feed content presented as either user or page

  • Agencies & brands

    We understand the importance of brand guidelines, target markets and creativity. This is why we are loved by some of the biggest agencies in the world.

  • Businesses

    We have helped businesses of all sizes reach various goals, such as increasing foot traffic in the store, creating top-of-mind brand awareness and generating sales.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Visionaries, startups or just a regular Joe with a big idea, we’ve worked with them all. We can help in all aspects of developing a product, from strategy to launch.